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Metro do Porto: The stage for new musical talents

12 Abril 2010

Metro do Porto: The stage for new musical talents

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Since the beginning of March, «Música na Rua» has brought more than 168 hours of music to Oporto Metro Stations. Every day, from 12am to 3pm and from 5pm to 8pm, Casa da Música, Bolhão and Trindade Stations are the stages of this project, that will last until the end of May. With specific places in each station, musicians have the opportunity to play for a large number of people. All musicians get the chance to play in each station, in a rotary system. The concerts had had an enthusiastic participation of the public, which showed support towards the musicians and this initiative several times. Some musicians/bands already have their own fans that follow them from one station to the next one.

The 30 musicians/bands were chosen in February, from 180 that showed up for the castings, in São Bento Metro Station. These were the ones who showed the skills to play good music in public: Curinga, Come Na Rua, The Lazy Faithful, Nuno Flor, João Morais, 575 Band, Zé Alguém, Phist, Bruno Manso, Quinta da Paz, Quarteto, Sofia Truta, Salto, Cenáculo, The Last of the Toucans, Paulo Sousa, David Bastos, Sou Lou, João Figueiredo, Twinkles, Serushio, The Neighbours, Fuá, Jahradio, Filhos da Pauta, Francisco Rua, Slow Motion Beer Walk, Os Andantes, Citizen e Mariana Devezas.

From 24th March until the end of May, people can vote for their favourites by dialling 760 309 799, followed by the number of that musician/band. «Música na Rua» is also about social issues: the profit of the phone calls will be given to the project “Pular a Cerca na Companhia do Rugby”, who helps needed children through music and sports. So far, nearly one thousand calls were registered.

The winner will be able to play in the concert Porto Sounds, organized by Porto Lazer, in July. «Música na Rua» is organized by Metro do Porto, Câmara Municipal do Porto/Porto Lazer, Casa da Música and S.P.O.T..