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Metro 24 Hours at weekends

30 Junho 2017

Metro 24 Hours at weekends

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MOVE PORTO – METRO 24H is the weekend Metro’s night service on Fridays and Saturdays. Both lines Yellow (D), between the Hospital de S. João and Santo Ovídio, and Blue (A), between Estádio do Dragão and Senhora da Hora, are always running during weekends. The frequency of passages is about 20 minutes, on both lines. All night, all ways. With no interruptions. MOVE PORTO program started at June 9, lasting for 17 weekends, until October 1.

Metro do Porto, Câmara Municipal do Porto and STCP get together to bring MOVE PORTO – METRO 24H to Porto again. This program, existing since 2014, has reached over a 330 thousand people, enforcing security and sense of responsibility in the city.

Given the increasing number of people choosing Porto’s downtown bars and discos and consequent transit and parking constrains, Metro is the best way to get in the city’s centre, during the weekends. Trindade, served by blue and yellow lines, and Aliados, served by yellow line, are central stations with easy access to these night animation area, in a secure, fast and convenient way. The service offered by Metro at night maintains high patterns of security, as all customers became used to over the years.

During MOVE PORTO service, Z2 title is valid through all operating stations. An Andante Z2 costs €1.20 (or €2.40 for round trips) and can be used between the stations of Estádio do Dragão and Senhora da Hora (Blue line) and between Saint Ovídio and Hospital de S. João (Yellow line).

MOVE PORTO program also includes STCP bus network with night service. By weekends, the company improves its offer, providing a high quality service in areas not covered by the Metro network.

Night operation of Metro do Porto is extended to Metro Parking in Estádio do Dragão, with a capacity of 850 places, working equally all night on weekends. The combination between the route by car and the use of intermodal network Andante enables the clients to use Parque Metro with a cost of only €0.95 per 12 hours.

There are also parking places next to Metro station of Senhora da Hora, in Matosinhos. This Park has a total capacity of 89 parking places and is completely free.
To ensure the safety of all passengers, a priority for Metro do Porto, the effective network security will be strengthened. As usual, there will be support teams and customer information through the network.

Heroísmo and Lapa stations, blue line (A), and Faria de Guimarães and Salgueiros, yellow line (D), will only be working in normal hours, until 1 am.

How does it work?

Metro do Porto works during the night at Fridays and Saturdays. The Blue (A) and Yellow (D) Lines stay operational all night with frequencies of 20 minutes between vehicles. The Blue Line connects Estádio do Dragão to Senhora da Hora and Yellow Line connects Santo Ovídio to Hospital de São João. During the week the Metro works regularly between 6 am and 1 am.

Every station will have at least one pedestrian available access. Mechanical access for people with restricted mobility can be requested to the support and information teams. Heroísmo and Lapa Stations in line A and Faria Guimarãs and Salgueiros Stations in line D will be closed during the evening services.
The process of validation remains the same. Each passenger must have an Andante card with one or more travelling titles or a monthly subscription. The Andante shall be correctly validated before every journey.

How much does it cost?

Andante Z2 title is valid in every station integrated in MOVE PORTO program. That means it can be used between Santo Ovídio/Hospital de São João and Estádio do Dragão/Senhora da Hora. In case of not having a monthly subscription, each client must acquire at least one Z2 title with a cost of 1,20€. A two way journey has a cost of 2,40€ and it can be bought in any automatic machine in the stations.

How to combine STCP and Metro?

STCP night network is included in MOVE PORTO. For example, to go from Gondomar (Largo do Souto) or Matosinhos (A.E.P. circular) to Porto’s downtown, one must take the 9M STCP bus until Hospital de São João and then take the Metro in direction of Santo Ovídio, getting off in Aliados sation.

If the course starts at Gaia (for example in Vilar de Andorinho) the connection can be done by taking 10M bus until Santo Ovídio and then the Metro in direction of Hospital de São João shall be the easiest way to get to Porto. The entire route lasts less than 20 minutes. If the starting point is Santa Marinha (also in Gaia) there is the option of line 11M to João de Deus where there is a Metro Station. It takes only 8 minutes from João de Deus to Aliados.

Park & Ride- Where to Park the car to take the Metro?
There are parking lots at Senhora da Hora and Estádio do Dragão Stations, with 94 and 850 parking places, respectively. At Senhora da Hora the parking lot is opened and has no costs. At Estádio do Dragão there is an implicit cost of 0,95€ per 12 hours to all Andante card users. For that, there are advantages in the combination of personal vehicles and the public ones (Metro and STCP). The park is operational during the night at Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays Eve. During the week it works from 5:30 am to 21:30 pm, with exists until 2 am.