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Projecting the new Lines

15 Janeiro 2018

Projecting the new Lines

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The project works of the new Metro do Porto´s lines are already in progress, with the consortiums SENER, CJC and NSE working on the Pink Line (G) and LCW, Amberg Engineering and GRID on the Yellow Line (D). Eduardo Souto Moura will be responsible for the landscape and architecture of the Pink Line’s stations, in Porto. Once concluded the projects, construction of the new lines must start in 2019.
According to the result of an international public tender launched by the Porto Metro in mid-2017, now formalized, the Pink Line’s project (G) is in charge of the consortium formed by the companies SENER/CJC/NSE and Yellow Line’s extension (D) is delivered to the LCW/Amberg Engineering Consortium/GRID. The proposals submitted by the winning companies represent a total cost of 3.3 million euros (1.82M€ for the Pink Line and 1.47M€ for the Yellow Line). To remember, this tender had its reference value fixed in 4.7 million euros.
The Consortium SENER/CJC/NSE, responsible for Pink Line’s design (G), shall draw up the preliminary studies, evaluate the environmental impact and execute the project within the next 330 days. This line will have a total length of about 2.5KM and four underground stations. It will ensure the connection between São Bento, Cordoaria/Hospital de S. Antonio, Galiza/Maternity and Casa da Música/Rotunda da Boavista. The design of the stations is in charge of the architect Eduardo Souto Moura, responsible for the design of the first phase of the subway.
In the case of the Yellow Line, LCW companies, Amberg Engineering and GRID have a period of 270 days to deliver the project end. The extension of the Yellow Line includes the connection of Santo Ovídio Vila d'Este, serving the Hospital de Gaia, a length of 3.2KM and including three new stations.
The projects of the new Metro do Porto’s lines will be completed by the end of the year. Then the company will launch the public tender for the construction contracts. The works must start in the first months of 2019 to be completed in 2022. Together, Yellow and Violet Lines will serve more than 33 000 people per day, covering important zones of Porto city. The overall investment involved in the expansion of the Metro’s network is around 290 million euros.